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She paints a pretty picture...

...and with tears she begs for me

tortured object
9 October 1986
Welcome to the tortured chronicles.

In every corner of my mind I am plagued with thoughts and desires toward submission. The urges are deep-rooted, carnal fiends that ache for the oncoming bout of dominance from the one who truly owns every quivering inch of me. I am further than a submissive, I am a slave.

My relationship with Master challenges me to reach toward perfection; his perfection. His happiness is mine to dine upon and I strive daily to let him know he is the perfect Master for me. My devotion to him reaches beyond every measure of human vocabulary; Master is my all. I'm pleased to submit to my Master, true_alpha_male.

The somatic relationships of bdsm is of a profound interest to me. This is to elucidate that the somatic relationship between mind and body, or how the mind effects the body, as well as the physical, internal, and external influences condition personal biases; how the 'lifestyle' is lived, pursued, and viewed.